Coach vs. Mentor

What does it mean to be a coach vs. a mentor. You may be wondering, “what’s the difference between a mentor and a coach?” People will often use these words interchangeably, but they truly are not the same. Neither one is better than the other for they both have their purpose. Before you seek out one of them, you need to determine what your goal is and what outcome you are looking for.

Finding a FarSuperior Coach

It takes a lot of experience to be a FarSuperior Coach or Mentor.

A coach:

  • Focuses on the changework with a specific agenda.
  • Is often “assigned” to you in business through your position in an organization.
  • Is hired personally for specific challenges.
  • Their influence is determined by the position they hold.
  • Is very task oriented.
  • Collaborates with you on what you need to do.
  • Rewards are in whole life balance ¬†and fulfillment.

  • A mentor:

  • Is most frequently selected by the individual seeking a mentor.
  • Their influence is determined by the value you place on them.
  • Provides you with the environment for learning, finding better ways for yourself or business.
  • Guides and assists you in your business and personal growth.
  • Offers support, advice, guidance, and suggestions.
  • Rewards are in your LIFE and BUSINESS. You are looking for a mentor if you want someone to help you to develop yourself, both personally and professionally.
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